Wednesday Wisdom No 17

I tried and tried and did not succeed,
now I will let go and see how that feels.
I have loved and treasured this space,
the sharing and the connections I’ve made.
But somehow it does not pull me anymore,
there is another calling, another shore.
Wisdom lies in following a different light,
to come back here just when it feels right.
Thank you all for the love you’ve brought,
it’s been a real joy and meant a lot.
I’ll be back, sometime, this year or next,
till then, I wish you joy and the very best…

Thursday Thali No 15


Thursday Thali No 15

I am having a hard time getting back into blogging but hopefully this will pass!!!
Indian comfort food – Rice and Lentil Kichdi with Chickpea Masala and a mixed vegetable Poriyal (a south indian dish made with mustard seeds, curry leaves, light spices and coconut).