Wednesday Wisdom No 14


This is a time of break ups and breakthroughs,
of closing old books that are read and done,
chisel away what is no longer essential,
embrace the story that has begun.
Rusted patterns of hurt and dismay,
a loop going round and round,
sometimes one needs to slash it all,
and patiently wait for rennaisance.
Some who we think are close to us,
are sometimes not which is just fine too,
It is not always about working on oneself,
sometimes one needs to simply cut through.
Never easy to let go of people,
always believed I had to try more,
I resisted and I persisted,
sometimes it is wiser to walk out the door.
I can choose to learn my lessons,
through joy instead of pain,
growth lies in sunny moments,
not always in cold and rain.
Sometimes one needs to say no,
make space for the yes to flow,
No to connections with no aspirations,
Yes to the ones that make you soar…

Sunday Scribble No 15


this that you hold so precious today
might move on tomorrow and be on its way…
you come together for a while, put the kettle on and smile…
drink a little, eat a little, make love, make a book if you please…
together, learn to see, together, just be…
be all that you can, feel it fully, share all that you can, for the time it will last…


Tuesday Treat No 18


Tuesday Treat No 18

Indian Sweets – 1) Laddoo (round ball) made with mung dal, coconut sugar, sesame seeds, pinch of sea-salt, cardamon and coconut oil 2) Barfi (square sweet) made with dessicated coconut, ground almonds, coconut oil, coconut sugar, pumpkin seeds, pinch of sea-salt and cinnamon.